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Thread: Level of Automation

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    Hello All

    My shop is a typical 24*7*365 DB . I administer 3 Instances on Aix 4.3.3 and 3 Instances on NT Sever 4.0. Roughly about 90 GB in all .

    . The Instances are are on diverse versions 7.3.4 , 8 & 8i.

    I have automated the following

    1) Alert Logs of all Databases sent to me on my email Id for review .
    2) Daily Reports Like status of Control Files Status , Rollback segments , Next Extent Bombing etc sent to me on my email Id for review .
    3) All Index Rebuilding & Analyzing on a weekly basis again status is sent to me on my email Id for review .
    4) Backup Success or Failure status each morning
    sent to me on my email Id for review .
    5) A Daily DB Performance review taken at peak times
    sent to me on my email.
    6) OS Error Logs for my Unix DB's .

    Obviously a good deal of my time goes in reading these mails .

    My Question to you guys is
    Have I Automated Enough ? Or Have I over Automated ?
    Anything that I have missed out ?

    Any suggestions from other DBA's would be welcome .



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    Sounds like you've got it pretty well covered.

    What I would suggest is you make a plan to revise you're procedures on a regular basis. I'm currently working with 40+ instances and I'm constantly cycling through revising the monitoring and logging. By the time I make changes to all the instances I'm ready to revise my procedures again. There is always something you can do better.

    If you feel like you are coming to a stable state start investigating something like statspack which will allow you to monitor performance at different times through the day. If your system runs OLTP during the day and batch during the night you may find some improvements that aren't obvious just by taking one sample at peak time.

    The more you read, the more you'll realize how much you don't know. You'll constantly come across things you've never thought of doing, or things you can do better.

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    Hi Tim

    Thanks a lot about your suggestions .

    Means a lot to all of us when you Sr. Guys spare your time
    and guide the Jr. Guys .


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