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    Doesn't sound 'safe' to me. Our Network Admin wants to use Diskeeper to defrag our NT4 Oracle server. I'm not convinced this won't do something disastrous to the 8i database - am I correct?

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    In my opinion nothing will happend with Oracle. The reason to think this is this utility only "defrag" free space. The space for Oracle database, for SO is used, then ...

    Obviously, I will stop the database and services.

    It's only my opinion, I have never done.



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    In my oppinion, in certain situations it could do some improvement. This is when at the initial space allocation the space was very fragmented on disk, and now it will compact the fragments and make the oracle allocated space contiguous. But this is an unusual situation. You know, when you make the database you think to allocate as much as you will need, and you do not install a new important database on a already fragmented disk...
    It is obvious WHY is better to close the database before, but practically, there is no reason diskeeper put your data into any danger. But the database become almost unusable because of the disk overhead. And the operation take maybe ten times longer, and this increases the risk of being caught by any power failure in this time...
    So, if the disk isn't highly fragmented in "Oracle zone", there is no reason to do this. But if not, it is important to do it!
    More important seems to me to keep the data not fragmented FROM THE ORACLE POINT OF VIEW. That means the fragmentation of segments on a file, the migration of data in blocks etc. This could dramatically decrease the database performance, highlited when the system is very poor in phisical memory (related to the needs, I'm not talking about absolut values. For my database 256Mb for Oracle is enough, but for yours 4Gb could be poor )) ).
    So, do it, but do it periodically, at a large amount of time between. And seriously consider a rebuild of the entire database AFTER that.
    And then take a brake for 1 year (of course, depending of the database activity, in fact...), and do it again.
    ovidius over!

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