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Thread: ORA-1631.

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    that's not true in 8 and 8i, it is true in 7

    one of my temp table for datawarehouse loading (oracle 8.1.7) has 5612 extents with db_block_size of 8k

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    Originally posted by Shestakov

    Table of # extents (depend from DB_BLOCK_SIZE)

    Block Size (KB) Maximum Number of Extents
    2 -- 121
    4 -- 255
    8 -- 504
    16 -- 1032
    32 -- 2070
    I think you need to go back and re-read your link.
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    Pando is right.

    In oracle 7 each table (index, cluster) can has
    only 1 header block. in this case 121 extent was limit of number of extents for 2kb db_block_size.
    When oracle changed rowid structure, it change also structure of header blocks.
    In 8i and 9i (i don't sure about oracle 8) each object can has linked list of header blocks and number of extents still not depend from db_block_size.
    Question to dba_dada. What version of Oracle db u are using?

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    For the accurate picture about this unlimited/depending-on-the-blocksize max number of extents:

    Those limits (121 for 2K etc...) were lifted in Oracle 7.3, which introduced the ability for "unlimited" number of extents, regardles of DB_BLOCK_SIZE. It has nothing to do wth change of the ROWID format (which happend in 8.0), in 7.3 they simply introduced the ability for a segment to have more than one header block (linked list of header blocks), which allowed unlimited number of extents to be written in the extent map of the header block(s).
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