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    Hi, i wonder if someone knows how Oracle resolves the hostnames which are included inside
    the tnsnames.ora? It happened to me several times that Oracle (tnsping) couldn't resolve
    them but it worked if we replaced the hostname with the IP-Address of the server (there where
    no such problems with 'nslookup ').

    (At the moment we have a comparable problem where Oracle couldn't resolve either the hostname
    nor the IP-Address but nslookup works without problems - but it seems to me that this server with the corresponding IP-Addresses wasn't a clean setup.)

    Nevertheless it would be interesting to me if someone could give me some more information.

    The database versions is 8.1.6/8.1.7 on HP-UX 11.0 (64 bit).



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    Would it have to do with the case sensitivity here?
    With NT it doesn't matter.
    However rechecking your server name with what it is defined in the DNS hostname will help you resolve funny issue such as the underscore parameter.(for eg SVR_TEST).
    Tarry Singh
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    Hi Tarry, it must be somethig different. I checked the DNS hostname, but everything is OK.

    But maybe this tnsping utility is somehow damaged: On an other server -where this tnsping didn't work either- I have two Oracle binaries installed: server binaries ( - 64 bit) and Oracle client binaries ( - 32 bit). If i execute the TNS Ping Utility (tnsnames.ora with a hostname) everything is fine. If I execute the TNS Ping Utility (same environment = same tnsnames.ora), i got this TNS-12545 with the 'hostname lookup failure'.

    Does anybody know how to relink this tnsping?

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