Exporting from SqlServer to Oracle
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Thread: Exporting from SqlServer to Oracle

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    I'm exporting some tables from SQL Server to Oracle but I can't export tables which contain more than a Long type field.
    Can somebody tell me how can I export the whole table?
    I thought about exporting the table without that fields,and in Oracle,I convert the long field to CLOB or BLOB,because the fields are just images,and I think I can handle them with CLOB or BLOB type too.And then,i export the other LONG field from SQL Server...
    But another question is if CLOB or BLOB fields can be handled as LONG type refering to programming later and that kind of things...I don't know very much about that kind of fields...
    Help,please.Thanks in advance

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    What Oracle and SQL Server version ?
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    from SQL Server 7.0 to Oracle 8.1.7 .
    But I export directly from SQL Server.I don't have any tool with my Oracle to import data...

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