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Thread: mirroring

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    I need to mirror datas in a second db (because the datas on db must be available 24h/24). I want to write datas in 2 db at the same time to have a second db if the first one crash.

    If it exists a solution, how can i implement it ?

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    You have to take a look at STANDBY DATABASE ...

    Best Regards

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    tHANKS A LOT...

    But what's diff between clustering & mirroring/replication.


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    Good question!
    Oracle claims that only way to mirror (something) is available through hardware and/or operating system (OTN).
    Any other approach?
    As I see with MS SQL, they have a concept of mirror for database space (devices) ...
    Oracle is able to do it in this way?

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    what's diff between clustering & mirroring/replication

    ITs not a simple thing to explain clustering and replication in one or two sentences.

    1.Clustering is the concept of grouping different nodes and forming a single layer on which the database will be present.Again this clustering concept is for OS level and the type database option will be depend on u.Whether u have to opt for Parallel server of Oracle Fail safe.
    2.As come to mirroring on OS level u are dealing with Storage devices and for database either it can be a Standby database.
    3.AS for the replication either u can have a Multi master or a Snapshot.

    Above things are need to be understand in deep and after going through the documentations and the search options still the things which u are not understand u can put them precisely on the forum so that it can be explain.

    All the best

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