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    If I am given a choice creating a primary key on the table versus a unique index on the table what should be preferred.

    I am aware of the differences between the primary key and unique indexes.


    create table Test(T1 number not null, T2 varchar2(10),
    primary key(T1));


    create table Test(T1 number unique not null, T2 varchar2(10));

    I have my entire schema with Primary Key indexes and not a single foreign key.

    Does Oracle create a different index structure for a primary key and unique constraints. Will there be any performance issues.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Just more typing in the second example because you'll have to create the primary key after you create the unique index.

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    index structure are the same since both are b-tree based

    you dont necesary need to create an unique index to enforce primary key, in 8i you can create a non-unique index then add PK to it by doing so when you disable the PK the index wont get dropped, this is an 8i feature mainly for Datawarehouse

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