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    What are the pros & cons of these two products?

    Can Erwin handle large database? What I mean is the limitation on number of objects such as tables, indexes, constaints, etc.

    We are currently using Oracle Designer. Looks like Erwin is more user-friendly... but we are not sure if Erwin is designed to handle large database. Our database grows quite a bit in terms of both data and physical objects.

    Any thougths on that would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    yes ERwin can handle large database I reverse engineer 5000 tables in ERWIn within 5 min.
    I prefer ERWIN then designer. Desginer will work with oracle ...
    what about other database ???

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    I use Designer and I like it, but there are many limitations.

    Among them are:

    1. lack of books available for self training
    2. a huge learning curve

    If a group of developers and admins know the tool well, it can greatly benefit a project.
    David Knight
    OCP DBA 8i, 9i, 10g

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    Both of these products are very capable, we have both. We also have some DBA's that use one, some the other, some both. I think some of the features of Designer have been over-sold and under-delivered. I prefer Erwin over Designer for 4 simple reasons:

    Erwin is less expensive
    Erwin doesn't require a repository
    Erwin is easier to learn and use
    Erwin works well with many databases


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    Thanks for your inputs! They are very helpful.

    How do you perform backup & recovery on Erwin?
    In Designer there are import/export utilities. Does Erwin have similar utilities for backup & recovery?

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