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Thread: Question on length of a varchar2 datatype.

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    I have a question on increasing the length of a varchar2 datatype. I have a column on a table that has a datatype of varchar2(500), the developer wants to increase the length of that datatype to the max (basically the maximum it can go to, I think it can go to about 32000). I would like to understand what is the downside of increasing the length of that column and what can it go up to without negatively effecting the database. The column is a notes column on a trouble ticket kind of table.
    ANy input would be greatly appreciated.


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    The maxsize of a VARCHAR2 column is either 2000 bytes or 4000 bytes, depending on the version of Oracle.

    Tables with large VARCHAR2 columns tend to have lots of row migration and chaining. If your data needs to be more than 4000 bytes, you should consider using a clob.
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    Varchar2 datatype has two length:
    -- in sql language (as datatype of columns) - 4000 symbols (usually bytes)
    -- in pl/sql language (as datatype of variables) up to 32000 bytes

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    the maximum it can go is 4K.32K is the size of a varchar2 variable inside PL/SQL
    not a table-column datatype.
    To insert into the table-column , u will have to divide the variable output .

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