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Thread: Remove one instance - can't run a bat file

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    Problem one:
    I have an oracle enterprise edition 8.1.6 with three instances. I want to remove one instance without harming the other. I have stopped the services for the extra instance but I want to remove it.

    Problem two:
    Also, since I created the second and third instance, I can no longer run my bat file which does an export at night to be backed up to tape. It ran without failure until I added the new instances. The error that it gives me in incorrect username and password. I use the full global username. I can do an export mannually just using the exp command and it works fine with the same usernames and passwords.

    I have created a passwordfile for each with entries=5 and also commented out remote_logon_passwordfile=exclusive in the init.ora


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    Answer one:
    You can use this tool:

    oradim -DELETE -SID yoursid

    then reboot the operating system.

    Answer two:

    you may set your ORACLE_SID with your current instance's and try again.

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    Thank you for the information. I am new to Oracle tho and I don't understand how to set my oracle_sid with my current instance. Could you please do a "how to".

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    I forgot to mention that I am working on a Windows2000 server and that Oracle is installed on D:
    Do I just go to the command prompt and type
    What if I want to run a bat file on the second instance also? Should I put this command in the begining of each bat file for each instance?

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