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Thread: Snapshot style replication

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    Is replication possible between different versions..

    I have 2 instances A and B
    Both on right now

    A is a master and site B has snapshots (replicated nightly/refresh)

    I want to upgrade site A to 8.1.7....
    Is it possible to still maintain the snapshot replication
    with A on 8.1.7 and B on 8.0.5??

    What steps I would need to take to maintain replication after upgrading A?

    Please help

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    I did it between 7.3 and 8.0.5. I don't see why you couln't do it... Although I do remember we had problems with fast refreshes because of the rowid changing....
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    This is what I found on ORACLE 8i migration guide..

    To successfully interoperate, however, you must observe the following restrictions:

    Oracle8i snapshot sites can only interact with Oracle7 Release 7.3.3 or greater master sites.

    Oracle8i master sites can only interact with Oracle7 Release 7.3.4 or greater snapshot sites and with Oracle7 Release 7.3.3 or greater master sites.

    After migrating a master site to Oracle8i, perform a complete refresh of all of associated snapshot sites.

    The last line tells that if master site (A) is upgraded to 8.1.7. a complete refresh is needed for all snapshots sites(B)...
    So in essence I have to re-create all snapshots..
    which is a lengthy process..
    Is my understanding correct here??
    Please help

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