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    Iam with Export utility . I exported full database.

    When try to improt it i am receiving a error . how to import fulldatabase . but i now the command .
    what are the step's i have to follow .
    import will work only on new database or existing one also.

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    If you dump of your full database then in import command syntax you have to give Full=Y and specify path for your exported dump file. Thru this you should be able to import full database.
    imp username/passwd Full=Y Ignore=Y Commit=Y file=

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    For import the full database:

    1. Drop all files associated to the database;
    2. Create a new database with the same database name,sid ...
    3. Run catalog.sql catproc.sql ...
    4. Run import with parameter full=yes. This will create for you all tablespaces in the database, but it is better to create it before running the import.

    Hope that helps


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