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Thread: job queue

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    I read a short info about job queue which causes me dizzy and cannot tell what the value of 1+1. Please enlight me with the following qsts.

    1. Would you count that the one instance on one server a distributed database configuration? If not, please give an exam of districbuted db config.

    2. Is Job Queue process used only on distributed database configuration? The answer should be no, shouldn't it?

    3. Can someone show me the stmn of using the job queue? I know I need to set the job_queue_processes on init.ora file.

    This is the first time I look into the job queue functionalities. Does this function widely use?

    Thank you.


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    Job queue is an instance level process, that is set per instance. This is mostly used in the replication environment. say that you have two instances, instance a and instance b then if you set the job_queue_process = 0..36 on instance a, that will spin those process based on the necessity. Job interval on the other hand would specify the frequency with which the the SNP# process should awake up and check for the jobs.



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    Thank you Sam.

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