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    The client of our software need to use Oracle ODBC driver to communicate with Oracle server in order to run reports. Since Oracle client takes at least 40MB of space, our customer is checking if it's possible to install the driver only, but no the whole client.

    I just downloaded the Oracle ODBC driver 8.1.7. 5.0 from Oracle's website, but the readme file said I still need to use OUI to get the driver installed. So seems to me that Oracle client is still needed if they want to use Oracle ODBC driver, otherwise how do they get OUI?

    Is that right?



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    1. You must install Oracle Net8.
    You can not connect to Oracle Database without install Oracle net8 client.

    2. You do not need to install full Oracle Client,so you do not need 40M.

    3. You need startup OUI to install ODBC driver downloaded from Oracle website,that is,change the filename product.jar to the ODBC file name with directory path.

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    Thanks Jason, a couple of things...

    1. You are right that Net8 is necessary.

    2. Just did a custom 8.1.7 client install, and only choose Net8 and OUI which I believe the 2 things I have to get in order to install ODBC driver and make the client be able to connect. Takes 47MB w/ only this 2 options. A regular client takes at least 157MB.

    Jason -- have you tested on the space requirement before? Is there anything else I can do to save some space?

    3. That's right. OUI has to be installed to install the ODBC driver.

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