I am trying to deploy oracle reports 6i working in client/server mode successfully now on to the web. I have successfully installed forms and reports server on the same machine under windows NT.
All my reports are having few user defined parameters. These parameters are built around restricted LOV's (based on select statement). A parameter form has also been built for the paramters so that the end user can input input/select the parameter.
It works fine in the client server mode.
However when I deploy the same on the web and try to run the report,
(1) It gives an report error: as restricted LOV not allowed.
(2) If I rebuild the same report with restricted LOV unchecked, It does not present the parameter form inspite of setting in the report object property PARAMFORM=YES, and the report is either empty or gives output without any filtering.

Does any one have solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance.