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Thread: How can I select the data from a table type

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    I defined a type like follow:
    type utility_array is table of varchar2(200) index by binary_integer;

    nmt utility_array;
    if the data like follows:
    nmt(0) = 1
    nmt(1) = 2
    nmt(2) = 3
    How can I select the data from the nmt?
    If I use the statement like follow:
    select count(*) from nmt;
    an error was occured.
    I want to do this
    insert into tablename select * from nmt;
    so I can insert more rows at the same sql statement.
    How can I do ?
    Please help.

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    An index-by table is not a database table. Its structure is not similar to a table object. You can loop through with an index, or you can insert multiple values by referring the table elements by index notation.

    insert into {table} values (nmt(0), nmt(1)....) etc.,

    Note that datatypes should match when you insert into a database table.
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