Hi all,

I'm facing problems with inserting records to tables in remote database via public database link and I've got the following errors:

ORA-02049: timeout: distributed transaction waiting for lock
ORA-02063: preceding line from

Here is the information I've found about this error :

ORA-02049: timeout: distributed transaction waiting for lock

Cause: Exceeded INIT.ORA DISTRIBUTED_LOCK_TIMEOUT seconds waiting for lock

Action: Treat as a deadlock.

Does anyone find the same problem before? How can this be solved? The possible solution I've found is to increase the value of the parameter 'DISTRIBUTED_LOCK_TIMEOUT' (default is 60 sec).

However, the Oracle Server I'm using is Oracle 8.1.6 and the parameter is already obsolete. Could this parameter still be set? If yes, is it needed to restart my database for the parameter to be effective?

My database is production 24x7 database with heavy trasaction traffic, any suggestion on solving the problem without restarting the database?

Could anyone help? I would be appreciated for your kind help. Thanks.