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Thread: RMAN - Setup a backup/Restore

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    To all the Gurus. URGENT

    I need to setup a backup/Restore strategy for my 24x7 production database of 50gb using RMAN.
    I know that you need to create rman catalog on a seperate db. Can some one send me a step by steps implementation guide or advise of steps to take to set it up?

    Arsene Lupain
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    1. Create your RMAN catalogue (possibly on a different server)

    2. Update your listener and tnsnames.ora

    3. Create rman user on rman tablespace.

    4. Grant select_catalog_role to rman

    4. On your production init.ora you may set
    remote_login_passwordfile = exclusive.

    If you're planning to use tapes then you might have to install a MML. ( legato and veritas ). More details on


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    The following are the steps in creating the RMAN and going through it.

    Step 1:
    Your primary database ie. target database is on IBM AIX version 8.1.7

    Create the catalog database i.e database which will use RMAN to backup the target database in the same UNIX machine or on different machine (different machine is recommended as it helps you to recover your production database in case it crashes).Note that the catalog database can be on different O/s such as NT,Unix but Oracle version should be 8.1.7 or higher.

    Step 2:
    After you create the catalog database on different machine ,create a tablespace and a user for RMAN backups.
    create tablespace RMANDATA
    datafile 'c:\rman\data\rmandata01.dbf' size 990M
    default storage(initial 1M next 1M minextents 1
    maxextents unlimited pctincrease 0)

    create user RMAN identified by RMAN
    default tablespace RMANDATA
    temporary tablespace TEMP;

    grant connect,resource to RMAN;

    grant sysdba,sysoper to RMAN;

    grant recovery_catalog_owner to RMAN;

    Step 3:
    Login in catalog database and connect to the target database and to the RMAN catalog:

    RMAN target="sys/password@connectstring" rcvcat="rman/rman"

    Step 4:
    Create the catalog tables through the following command:

    RMAN> create catalog;

    Step 5:
    Register the information from the target database controlfile into the catalog database:

    RMAN> register database;

    Step 6:
    Check wheteher the information is registered in the catalog database.

    RMAN> list incarnation of database;
    RMAN> report schema;

    Step 7:
    IF eveything is done then you can use RMAN commands to backup the target database so that all the information about the backups taken by RMAN is strored in catalog database and that can be used for recovery purpose.

    In case of any help please be free to ask me.

    Rohit Nirkhe,Oracle DBA,OCP 8i
    Thanks and Regards
    Rohit S Nirkhe

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