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Thread: how to manipulate large data through trigger?

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    I want to update / insert a column in my table through a trigger which is of long datatype. The trigger is failing now as long data manipulation can't be done through triggers. What could be the alternative approach of doing the same. I can change even the datatype (but to what?) if required, still the trigger is a must. The trigger handles the inserts and updates and as such can't be bypassed. So just mention what could be a possible solution to this problem.

    thanks in advance!

    Parijat Paul

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    I have never heard that triggers cannot be made on long datatype. However, if that is the case, you can use LOB datatypes.

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    long datatype manipulation within a trigger

    the long datatype if there within a table can't be used in : new or : old references within a trigger. This is what causing the problem. Even the same is true for CLOB!

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