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Thread: Ref Cursor through VB

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    Like Oracle can send OUT A Ref Cursor as a parameter to a ADO Recordset . I would like to pass a whole ADO recordset as IN parameter to a Oracle Ref Cursor as a IN parameter in a procedure . Anybody any Idea's .

    I am using the provider as MSDAORA and the app. works on
    VB6 .

    A url or sample code would be appreciated .


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    Ah, somebody tell us whether it can be done or not.

    I was looking at this sane subject last week and for the life of me couldn't find any examples anywhere on how to do it (pass ADO recordsets as an input ref cursor to an Oracle procedure). I just figured that it was late Friday and my brain was fried and I just wasn't thinking clearly. Maybe it can't be done? Somebody let us know one way or another, please.


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