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    Hello DBA Gurus,
    Do anybody have any idea how to start using MS VC++ with Pro*C and Personal Oracle 8.1.6 i. I tried to go per Oracle 8i document where at some stage it says about Configuring Header Files at C:\\Precomp\Public but I don't find Public directory nor Proc executable in the Bin directory.

    Could anybody help me.


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    I don't think Pro*C comes with Oracle Personal edition.
    You need to install Pro*C from Oracle Client CD.

    Having done this try writing a sample code.

    You need to do some settings for pre compiling Pro*C code
    Like setting path for Oracle Include files,setting path for the proc.exe precompiler executable from

    In each of ur Pro*C project u need to externally include the library SQORA32.lib and then from Project-->Settings--> Custom Build option, Keeping the Pro*C file selected,and using settings for All Configuration, give Build commands as proc filename.pc and output files as filename.c

    After this u can go ahead building the project.


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    If you installed Oracle on your pc, the pro*c exe is located at %ORACLE_HOME%/product/8.1.6/bin/proc.exe and the libraries are is located at

    from MSVC++ you should add a new folder with the .pC extension. put all your pro*C files in it and right click the folder, choose settings and press the Custom Build and in the commands area put
    %ORACLE_HOME%/product/8.1.6/bin/proc.exe $(InputName).pC
    at the Outputs area put

    compile the pC file and add the generated cpp file to your project.

    Right Click your project and click settingsm Click the C/C++ tab and choose Preprocessor. In the Additional include directories add the
    %ORACLE_HOME%/product/8.1.6/precomp/include directory
    press the Link tab and choose Input. In the Additional Library path add the
    add sqllib.lib sqxlib to your Object/library modules.

    Compile and Link.

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    After reading documents at OTN what I concluded is Pro*C is supported only in Entreprise and Standard edition. Further Entreprise and Standard edition can only run on NT or Win 2K among Windows OS platform. Bottom line to what I understood is on W98 Pro*C isn't supported.
    *** Is there any other work around other than partioning Hard disk and then ...

    Correct me if I am wrong at any place and thanks to those who responded.


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