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    I am trying to set up the Oracle Enterprise Manager to be accessible with the web browser. Any one has any instructions or documents in simpler way as compared to the one available in OTN. Please add your input. I am running Oracle8i R816 database on Unix11. The OEM management server is on Win2000 and the database for the OEM Repository is again Oracle8i R816 on Win2000.



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    Any answer to this?????

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    I got this from Oracle support when I was having problems? It may help you or not???


    With the new version of Enterprise Manager 2.1, comes a scaled down version of
    the Application Server

    This is an automatically configured webserver which allows you to access the
    Console, DBA studio and SQL*Plus Worksheet via a web browser.

    Oracle provided this feature for customers who didn't have a webserver
    or had trouble configuring this, so now they will have an out-of-the-box
    preconfigured webserver and web listener.


    Everyone trying to access the Enterprise Console via a Web Browser

    EM Website Installation and Common Problems

    Select "Oracle Enterprise Manager Web Site" from the Universal Installer
    list of products to install from Oracle Server 2.1 Enterprise Edition or
    OEM Management Pack 2.1 CD-ROM.

    A few things to know :

    - It is only installable on Windows NT and Solaris.
    - It is installed as .jar files so JINITIATOR can cache them.
    - The automatic configuration of the Application Server Listener is using
    port 3339 and is not automatically started.

    How to start the web listener

    For Windows NT, go to the Windows NT Control Panel > Services and start the
    OracleAppServerListener service.

    For Solaris, start the web listener from the command line with the command :


    How do you know if it started up alright?

    Check following files locate in Oracle_Home\OWS\Admin\Website40\OEM :


    - Config file for OAS Listener; automatically configured at install time.


    - Records errors with OAS Listener Service (i.e., startup/shutdown problems).


    - Records process id when OAS Listener Services startup (Solaris only).


    - Maintains log of browser clients connecting to webserver and the files
    being downloaded by each client.

    For debugging OAS Listener problems, review SVOEM.ERR and SVNODE.LOG files.

    Web Browsers Certifications

    - Netscape 4.0.5, or greater, for Windows NT/98/95
    - Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.X, or greater, for Windows NT/98/95
    (No Active Desktop Support)

    Web Enabled Components

    - Console (includes Parallel Server Manager & Application Manager)
    - DBA Studio
    - SQL*Plus Worksheet

    How to access the web site

    - Enter the following URL :

    http:// Hostname>:/oem_webstage/EMWebsite.html

    For example :


    - Exiting this page will kill the Console session.

    - When connecting to the Console you must provide the Management Server

    Running Browser Based EM : Common Problems/Resolutions

    * You must install or download JInitiator

    - Note : EM 2.1 on Solaris shipped with JInitiator See Bug 1190319
    for details to edit the oemapp_cgi file with the JInitiator version.
    - For Netscape, you are automatically prompted to download the plug-in.
    - For Internet Explorer, go to


    * Monitoring through firewall is not supported.

    * Enable Java Console to assist in debugging:

    - Go to Start > Programs > Oracle > JInitiator Control Panel
    - Check 'Show Java Console' and click APPLY
    - Re-launch browser-based Enterprise Manager

    * If you run into problems with browser-based EM, turn on Console tracing by
    following these steps :

    - Go to Start > Programs > Oracle > JInitiator Control Panel
    - In the Java Runtime Parameters text box enter


    - Re-launch browser-based EM


    * Problem: ‘Requested URL was not found’ error appears

    - Resolution: Wrong URL; re-enter URL

    * Problem: Title screen appears but login does not

    - Resolution: Download and install Jinitiator from

    * Problem: ‘Cannot construct ip address’ error appears

    - Reason: HTTP proxy configured for use with web browser
    - Resolution: Remove HTTP proxy configuration

    * Problem: ‘Cannot start Java Virtual Machine...’ error appears

    - Reason: Incomplete JInitiator install or failed deinstall
    - Resolution: Fully deinstall, then reinstall JInitiator

    To deinstall, follow these steps:

    Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove and Select Oracle Jinitiator
    and click ‘Remove’
    Delete NP-Jinit11727.dll file from 'C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\
    Delete \Jinitiator Export\ directory from C:\Program Files\Oracle\

    * Problem: After logging into Console, Console hangs

    - Reason: Version of MSVCRT.DLL being used is earlier than 5.00.7303.
    - Resolution: Update MSVCRT.DLL; refer to EMREADME for details.

    * Problem: Nothing happens when launch interMedia Text Manager, Replication
    Manager, Spatial Index Advisor from Console (bug 1118891)
    - Reason: These integrating applications appear on Console (Solaris only),
    but are not web-enabled and should not appear.

    * Problem: ‘The request did not specify a valid virtual host’ error for
    Netscape or ‘The page cannot be displayed’ error for IE (Bug 841961)

    - Resolution: Either do not specify full host name in URL or add full host
    name to SVOEM.CFG file located in

    * Problem: ‘Potential safety violation avoided’ warning when using URL for
    first time

    - Reason: JInitiator not installed.
    - Resolution: Download and install JInitiator.
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