I am trying to import selected columns from a file into one table. for example the data looks like this(Tab delimited)

123456 34 23 Today Bank1
126556 Today Bank2
123478 34 23 Today Bank3
193856 34 23 Today Bank4
127265 34 23 Today Bank5
098756 25 23 Today Bank6

and the table is like this

ID number(6);
Day varchar2(5);
Bank_name varchar2(12);

I know I can load them in to a temporary table, then load what I want in to my actual table but is there a way I can do it without using a temporary table. The positions(character) are not allways the same so I can't use the positioning thing. But the positions are always the same with respect to the tabs. Even if the fields are empty the tabs are still there.

Can anyone help?