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Thread: Default Date Format

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    Sep 2001
    I think my database has a date problem.

    Oracle 8.1.7

    In the init.ora file:


    From v$parameter: MM/DD/YYYY

    Problem. When I "Select sysdate from dual" I get 27-FEB-02.
    When I select from a table that has a date value I get: 27-FEB-02.

    Why can I not get the date in MM/DD/YYYY format?

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    Sep 2001
    NJ, USA
    Oracle has 2 place where it use date format.
    server site setup using NLS_DATE_FORMAT in init$SID.ora
    client site setup in:
    for unix - in .profile(.login)
    for Win - in register (Local Mashle---> Oracle)

    sqlplus always use client site setup for NLS_DATE_FORMAT.
    U haven't any errors and problem with date format.

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    Jun 2000
    Madrid, Spain
    well there are three places really,

    1. client enviroment (nls_lang if nls_date_format is not used)
    2. initSID.ora
    3. Database settings

    if 1 is not set it uses 2 if 2 is not set it uses 3

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