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    Feb 2002
    I'm New to Oracle and I am trying to get a backup to run thru the Oracle 9i GUI, and I am getting the following error condition. Can anyone provide any insite and/or a solution.


    Recovery Manager: Release - Production

    (c) Copyright 2001 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

    connected to target database: WRDB (DBID=3459876564)
    using target database controlfile instead of recovery catalog

    RMAN> run {
    2> allocate channel WRDBPipe type disk format 'b_%u_%s_%p';
    3> backup ( database include current controlfile setsize 1024000 filesperset 20 );
    5> }
    allocated channel: WRDBPipe
    channel WRDBPipe: sid=10 devtype=DISK

    Starting backup at FEB 26 2002 00:00:36
    channel WRDBPipe: starting full datafile backupset
    channel WRDBPipe: specifying datafile(s) in backupset
    input datafile fno=00008 name=D:\ORACLE\ORA90\DATABASE\WRDB_DEV.DBF
    input datafile fno=00005 name=D:\ORACLE\ORA90\WRDB\INDX01.DBF
    input datafile fno=00007 name=D:\ORACLE\ORA90\WRDB\USERS01.DBF
    input datafile fno=00004 name=D:\ORACLE\ORA90\WRDB\DRSYS01.DBF
    channel WRDBPipe: starting piece 1 at FEB 26 2002 00:00:37
    released channel: WRDBPipe
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00579: the following error occurred at 02/26/2002 00:00:53
    RMAN-03006: non-retryable error occurred during execution of command: backup
    RMAN-12004: unhandled exception during command execution on channel WRDBPipe
    RMAN-10035: exception raised in RPC: ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [20516], [krbb.c], [1603], [524288], [6144], [], [], []
    RMAN-10031: ORA-19583 occurred during call to DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE.BACKUPPIECECREATE

    RMAN> **end-of-file**


    Recovery Manager complete.
    child process exited abnormally

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    You would specify the format in the backup clause and not in the allocate channel clause. Refer the syntax again pl.


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    Sep 2001
    I don't think the issue is that of syntax. He/she is getting an ORA 600. Something is wrong with the internals. What I would want to do is recreate the catalog and make sure you run all the necessary scripts as a starting point.
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    You have probably hit Oracle bug 942146. There is a large amount of archive logs being backed up at once. According to Oracle, the only workaround is to breakup the job into smaller pieces.

    And you should open an iTar when you get ORA-600!

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