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    I was looking to use some of these tuning scripts from dbasupport.com. I was looking at your contention script..but you havent provided any references to read the output. this is true for all scripts.

    1 select
    2 event,
    3 sum(decode(wait_Time,0,0,1)) "Prev",
    4 sum(decode(wait_Time,0,1,0)) "Curr",
    5 count(*) "Tot"
    6 from
    7 v$session_Wait
    8 group by event
    9* order by 4
    SQL> /

    EVENT Prev Curr Tot
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- --------- --------- ---------
    pmon timer 0 1 1
    smon timer 0 1 1
    SQL*Net message from client 1 1 2
    rdbms ipc message 0 4 4
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    Those are the scripts that have been contributed by the users of this site. As a result most of them don't have the output. In the mean time those outputs are generally long. In a way its good, because, it makes the user to think better and learn than just to use them.


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