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    I am trying to create a 9i database on a W2K, 128 MB 1.0 GHZ machine. The process using the Database Configuration Assistant is very slow, so I decided to drop the database, run the Assistant and generate the scripts ONLY and then run the scripts individually.

    When I ran the CreateDB.sql script, I get "ORA--01092: ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced." This is the native script generated by the assistant. The weird thing is that the redo logs, control files, and the database files have been created.

    Any ideas?



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    check to see that sqlnet.ora has entries like :



    then you should delete any instance created by giving this command

    oradim -DELETE -SID

    also delete any files created by the previous instnace

    then make sure all the folders are there which the scripts have as they r not made when the scripts r generated.

    create now as follows..
    open command window

    set ORACLE_SID=%YourSID%

    oradim -new -sid -startmode m -pfile
    oradim -edit -sid -startmode a

    A typical setup will have these scripts

    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\CreateDB.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\CreateDBFiles.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\CreateDBCatalog.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\JServer.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\ordinst.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\interMedia.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\context.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\ordinst.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\spatial.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\ultraSearch.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\cwmlite.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\demoSchemas.sql
    sqlplus /nolog @c:\TESTDIR\postDBCreation.sql

    let me know any problem comes...

    while running the first file if it gives error the stop the service which you just created and restart the service and again set the oracle_sid in the window.

    if error comes you have to create it manually...

    i think you have not created password file so see the alert file and make a password file through orapwd in oracle_home/database/ directory..


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    Saurabh Garg
    OCP 9i

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    Talking FIxed!!

    The password file was missing. Don't know why, but it wasn't created. Once I created it, everything ran smoothly.

    Much obliged,


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