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Thread: archivelog not starting

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    I want to start my database from nonarchivelog to archivelog
    I did following.
    1. changes in initparameter

    log destination
    log archive true
    2. shutdown database and start with mount (no open)
    3. fire alter dtaabase archivelog as well as alter system archive log start.

    it says stament processed but still it is not starting archiving ...

    What's the problem might be.
    How can I start archive log mode...


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    did you switch logfile a couple times to make sure?
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    You can enable archiving munually

    1. shutdown immediate
    2. startup mount
    3. alter database dbname archivelog;
    4. alter database dbname open;
    5. archive log all

    now check your database to be sure it's running archiveg log mode by typing ARCHIVE LOG LSIT

    good luck

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