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Thread: Audit trail file

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    When I am trying 'connect internal' oracle is giveing me unable to initialize audit trail file (ora-09945). Please someone help me how to clean up the audit trail file and what is the name of the audit trail file & how to stop this in the future.

    ThanX in advance

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    Error: ORA-9945
    Text: Unable to initialize the audit trail file
    Cause: ORACLE unable to write header information to the file being used as
    the audit trail.
    Action: Check the UNIX error number for a possible operating system error. If
    there is no error, contact ORACLE customer support.

    Change your init.ora parameter AUDIT_TRAIL to either off or false.
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    You probably will not be able to change anything with AUDIT_TRAIL init.ora parameter here.

    When you connect as INTERNAL or as SYSDBA/SYSOPER, Oracle allways records this in a operating system's audit trial, even if you have database auditing disabled.

    If you are on NT/2000 then probably your event log file is full. Clean or make more space to your event log with Event Viewer, priviledged database accesses are recorded in ApplicationLog part of event log.

    On Unix check the directory $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/audit (or whatever you have set in AUDIT_FILE_DEST init.ora parameter) to see if it is full or if Oracle's owner quota on it has been exceeded.

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    My current NLS_CHARACTERSET is UTF8 I would like to know what are the implications If I run ALTER DATABASE CHARACTER SET to US7ASCII, is this compatible?


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