When I run Server Statistics using Toad, the following values and lock show up with red circle sign. So far, our database donít give any problems:
Statistics: Value: Lock:
Chained fetch ratio 0.0759 PCTFREE too low for table (Apps)
Chained fetch ratio 0.0215 PCTFREE too low for table (Web )
Parse/execution ratio 102.3183 High parse to execute ratio (Web)
Cpu parse overhead 17.5730 High parse cpu overhead (Web)

Our Web database runs on 9i-windows 2000 server
Application database runs 8i Ė windows 2000 server version 5.0 OS 2 CPU 586
Has any one experienced this and what effect does it have on the database. Your input will be highly appreciated. These values refresh every 10 seconds and values change as well.