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    if i want to have online/hot backup then i start with making the database in archivelog mode.
    now after doing that i find that LSN is at 59.
    i will be able to recover fully if something happens after 59 & not if something is lost that is contained in LSN say 54 'coz that has been overwritten.

    i hope i am right.
    please do give me feedback as to if my point is valid.

    thanx a lot
    thanks a lot

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    Correct! Since you started archiving your logs at 59, that is the earliest point in which you can recover.

    When switching on archivelog mode, I like to:
    1. put the db in archivelog mode
    2. force a logswitch n+1 (where n=number of redo logs you have) times to make sure I am archiving correctly
    3. take a hot backup immediately.
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    what view can I query to get the LSN? thanks.

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    Check V$LOG


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