i cant understand why this happened please suggest.

I am using sqlldr for populating a table for 800M rows.

at the sqlldr...
i have used parallel=true , direct=t

at the table level
(initial extent 2G next 2G minextents 11 ) and hash partitions 8.

and altered the next to 500M after the table creation , so that during SqlLdr process will create a temp segment for min 500M .

so if i inquiry BEFORE sqlldr process for segment_name in dba_segments i get
tablespace bytes extents
1 22G 11
2 22G 11
3 22G 11
4 22G 11
5 22G 11
6 22G 11
7 22G 11
8 22G 11

AND now aslong as sqlldr process is running, and the querr
for dba_segmetns where segement_type='TEMPORARY' - i get

tablespace bytes extents
1 500m 1
2 500m 1
3 500m 1
4 500m 1
5 500m 1
6 500m 1
7 500m 1
8 500m 1

and the extents increase in the incrementals of 500M as pctincrease is 0.

Till here ever thing is normal.

but after the completion of process when i inquire the batch_table its with surprising number of extents cause the
extents size ranged from max of 2G to min of 12K, while it would have not dropped below 500M minimum.
and the total extents came upto 800+.

Please advise me whether i was wrong some where ?