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Thread: Can this be done?

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    How can you truncate a table in the SYS schema?
    I am in using Oracle 9i.
    Is this even possible?

    E. Yen

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    Other than the obvious repercussions, sure, you can do it.
    Jeff Hunter
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    You can but I think it's only recommended aud$

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    Snapshot too Old

    What is the exact cause of snapshopt too old error

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    Snapshot too old.

    Your rollback segments aren't sized big enough, oracle cannot create read consistent view of data.


    User A updates emp, starts long running transaction and doesn't commit.

    User B queries emp with long running transaction. Because Oracle is read consistent it will try and get a snapshot of the data at the time User B starts his transaction.

    User A commits.

    User C overwites User A's commited rollback segment data with his own update.

    User B's query reaches the point where it needs to get rollback segment data prior to User A's update. Can't get it as User C has overwritten it. Result - User B gets Snapshot too old.

    Solution : Larger rolback segments with larger minextents, initial, next size.

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    Pando . . . can this be done?

    Is it possible to truncate the SYS.FGA_LOG$ ?

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    Re: Pando . . . can this be done?

    Originally posted by eyen
    Is it possible to truncate the SYS.FGA_LOG$ ?
    Sure it can be done (as you were allready told by jeff and pando). But the real question should be: "Should this be done?". I don't have an answer to this question, as I don't know what is the purpose of this table. The only table that I know of being safe to truncate is SYS.AUD$, as pando allready have mentioned.
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