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Thread: Oracle DB Install Parameters

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    Hi All,

    I need to set up a database on Solaris.
    The hardware set up is like this, Server capacity is 216GB(12disks of 18 GB each), 1(one) disk controller and has RAID 5. Its with 4GB RAM and 4 CPU.
    The database size starts with 20GB and is expected to grow up to 100GB by the end of the year. We have around 300 tables. Our application is an OLTP and we are planning to create DB in MTS mode.

    1) Which are the parameters which should be compulsorily changed from the default settings.

    2) Any thumb rule or equations are there to decide the values for these parameters ?. If any pls mention.


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    Make sure you set the semaphores enough to handle the load. The rest of the tuning is an on going process.


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    and Don't forget share mem, see oracle install docs for setting.

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