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    Hi friends & Gurus:

    I am running into a very annoying problem and am hoping that one of you may be able to help me. I created a query against the v$parameter view to get the exact path of the pfile. The query is:

    Select value from v$parameter where name ='ifile';

    The interesting thing is that when I ran this against some of the databases that are on the same server, some of them return a value (exact path) but some don't. Since all the databases run on Oracle 8.16/Win2K, I am not sure why. Please help. I will need to get this done ASAP since we'll be 'cleaning up' the server this weekend and want to make sure we have all the info.

    Thanks in advance for all the help.


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    IFILE does not contain the path to pfile! In fact you won't be able to find the path and the name of the pfile that was used when starting the instance nowhere in the dictionary! It is simply not there, it can't be. That's why they invented spfile concept in 9i.

    IFILE is only another parameter which can be specified inside the actual init parameter file. It instructs Oracle to read that file for additional parameters that might be listed in that file.

    So for instances that return something for your query this parameter was specified in their init file, with others this parameter was not used. But in any case the path reported might be totaly different than the path of the actual pfile.
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