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    We have a 8.1.7 database running on a NT box. Our customers use Query Builder for running adhoc queries. But it has a data editor that can not be disabled even though Oracle says, in its online documentation, that it is shipped disabled. To prevent users from executing DML from this product, I was trying to write triggers on tables that will return an error if the host program is OBE60.EXE which is query builder. I tried to query PROGRAM column of V$SESSION view but it is only 64 char long. Since it has folder names also, this may not give the actual program name at all. So, is there any other way to find the program name?


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    did you check MODULE in v$session? If it's a product by Oracle you should see something there...

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    Module would contain info APPLICATION_INFO package to set the information. So, that didn't provide me with the info I needed either. However, Oracle says that from 8.1.x onwards, it only stores the program name in that column and not the path with it. Now, I am in the process of upgrading the Developer to correct version.

    Thanks for your help.

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