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Thread: any use of OCP

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    I gave 2 papers of OCP from India and now I wish to give the rest from Japan.But the problem is that they are not excepting the Indian Prometric Id and are asking me to get a new Id in Japan.Is there any problem if I give rest of the papers from the new Id.Does it make any diffrence if I clear rest papers in diffrent Id.I know i will not get the certificate of OCP but I can tell that i did it from diffrent ID's.What do you all suggest !! Does one Id doesnt work in other country.


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    I am not an expert, but why don't you sign up for a test on It should accept your prometric ID.

    LOL. While I was typing it I tried to sign up for Japan. I could not - it is nit there. Than I checked India. It is not there either. I guess there is something different about some countries. Call the prometric in the states or Oracle.
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