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Thread: Oracle/network traffic problems

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    A lot of our users have been complaining about slow process. I need some way of seeing, or ruling out Oracle as to the cause of our slowness. We run analyze nightly, and there are about 20-30 users. Is there a good performance monitor tool out there. I need to rule oracle out as the bottle neck. Thanks for any help

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    You can try to select their username, machine name(host_id) off v$session then ping all those hosts output to a file and see how long it takes to ping a specific box. If its more then 200ms then you have a network problem.

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    Look at your box, is the CPU pegged?

    Are the disks 100% busy?

    Look at your SGA, does it have good hit ratio?

    Are the SQL statements tuned correctly?

    This is a good performance tuning method:

    This is a good for the price performance monitoring package:
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