I have a database that I just implemented a simple FGAC where a current user only can see rows they own. What I'm looking for is a way that users can see all rows they have rights to in addition to the rows they own.

My schema is as follows:
ADAS_POC table - contains user_ID#, login, user_name
Access_Restrict table - ID #, Access Identifier - 1) everyone 2) division 3) owner only
ADAS_Library table - Table where data needs to be secured.

If the row in the library contains a ‘1’ for the Access_Restrict column everyone would have access. If it contains a ‘2’ only the user that belongs to that specified division can view the data. If it contains a ‘3’ then owner only. What is the best way to set up my users to restrict their access? Should I create separate roles or simply add it to the POC table for each user?

Does anyone have example of code for context_package and the security_package that would help with my coding? I’ve used a couple of examples on VPD and from Tom Kyte’s Oracle Expert one-on-one book. They helped somewhat.

Thanks for the response,