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Thread: Index size

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    Is there a point in creating indexes with different INITIAL! =NEXT. Or the next_extent >initial_extent .I am new is this field and maybe I am missing something.
    I have an index with:
    next_extent = 4096
    To me looks like this create performance problems. And better recreate it
    What you think?

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    ThumRule for Local Extent Management - Ideal if extents are below two number count ie. below 10.
    To achieve this you would take advantage right starting from Initial extent specifications. and for further DiskManagement ur Next,Pctfree will specifications come into picture.
    Limitations as of the latest version 9i is u cant go beyond 2G of any each extent size ( precise 2147483646).
    To conclude u should consider next extent filling only after ur initial extent is full ** provided u have enough diskspace to accomodate such big extent.


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    You didn't specify if you are using LMT's or not, but I would guess not. The idea behind sizing your extents properly is to reduce fragmentation. Check out for details.
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    sorry about that!!! i meant Dictionary Managed Extents...

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