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    Hi! All,

    HAs anyone used the XML Type Datatype of Oracle 9i for production or Development environment? If Yes, then what is the performance of the system? Any limitations which are not document?
    Any experience sharing will be highly appriciated.

    Thanks in Advance
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    I've only used it as a test:


    It seems OK but I'm not really sure what circumstances I would use it in. In previously projects it has always been necessary to explode the XML into relational tables. I can't see that requirement changing in those projects for some time. I couldn't give you an indication of performance as I've not done anything big with it yet.

    Oracle9i Release2 (available in March) will include XDB which makes takes XML integration to the next level. It is meant to make the storage, extraction and use of XML almost seamless. Don't know what this means in reality

    If you do some bigger tests let me know.

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    Hi! Tim,
    First of all I would like to congratulate you on creating such a informative site. Socondly Thanx again for the valueable information.
    In my current project I need to store large amount information as XMLTYPE and then create view on them so that BusinesS Object can generate report out of it.
    I wil surely keep you updated on the proceeding
    There Nothing You cannot Do, The problem is HOW.

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    I'd additionally be interested in the XMLdatatype performance with large amounts of data. We will be upgrading a system later this year from 8.1.7 to 9i to utilise the XML functionality. I've seen the query run etc, but only on small volumes of data. We originially created intermedia indexes based on a CLOB filed under 8.1.7. A couple of problems, a), You cannot perform > < = or caluculation on numeric tags, date tags and you CAN'T sort the data. Which made it all pretty pointless.
    So we had to revert to standard oracle referential tables.

    In 9i using the xml databtype you can now do this. But to what extent (i.e. volume) I don't know. We'd be utilising 9i on tables inserting 5 Million reocrds daily. I'm interested to see a). How the xmldatatype indexes are handled and b). query performs on large amounts of data.

    Let me know how you go.

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