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    Hello DBAs :

    Our environment :
    Siebel Application
    Dev on SQL Server/NT (about 35GB)
    Test (Pre prod) and Prod in Oracle/IBM Aix
    DTS Tool (to transfer data)

    We shall be doing some data transformations between SQL server and into Oracle about 35GB. I would like to prepare myself with an environment to suit this kind of data load. Can any of you please give any pointers to where all, I should be careful or Points of failures happen. eg., RBS, Datafiles (how many to allocate, size limitations, extensibility etc., and what is the best configuaration and SGA allocation and so on.

    Please let me know for any specific Qns on my environment and I can post it here.

    Thanks, ST


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    For Transferring large data from Sql Server to Oracle I feel the product you can use is

    Oracle Transparent gateway for Sql Server

    It is easy to Install and set it up also here is a link for the same


    For Transferring large data from Oracle to Sql serever I think you can use DTS


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    Hello Santoshym :

    We have already decided on using DTS and have spent more than 2 months on DTS already developing the DTS.. I did mean to ask how DTS works or is it good..

    My concern is strictly on the Oracle side, when the data transfer happens, what are all the precautions I should take and what should I expect and so on, since database has nothing but the schema and Indexes for Siebel user.. How to plan my oracle environment is something that I am looking for. Would appreciate any replies..

    Thanks, ST2K

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