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Thread: SQL Server

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    Yes, I know it's an Oracle forum. For totally absurd situations, try this one.

    I need read access to a SQL Server database so that I can copy data from it into my Oracle database. Unfortunately, the SQL Server database doesn't have a poper DBA so there is no-one who can grant read only access to the tables in database. The only option is that I supply the script to set up the access, even though I know nothing about SQL Server !

    Can anyone tell me if SQL Server has a grant command in the same way as Oracle i.e. you can do

    grant select on to ;

    Or is it set up totally differently ?
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    The syntax is the same

    grant select on table to user

    youll need to set up the sqlserver login and database user separtly though. The security models different to oracle.

    And no im not a microsoft nancy boy

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