Dear friends,
I have got so many solutions from your site. Thanks much. We have a scenario like this, Server capacity is 216GB(12disks of 18 gb each), 1(one) disk controller and has RAID 5.The database is nearly 100GB and we have nearly 300 tables. I have sagrigated all the tables into verysmall, small, big, verybig. So for big and very big categories i have planned for 11 partitions each and keeping in seperate tablespaces, so it comes to 22 tablespaces. and for other
categories i am planning for 4-5 tablespaces. All the tablespaces will be of LMT( System exceptional). Apart from this there is next phase of the project and
the data will reside in the same database with equivalent space cosuming. Here are my list of doubts:
1) In this case of tablespaces it can come to 60-70 in number. Will there be any
problem in having these many tablespaces in cases like maintenance and backups.
2) Till now i didn't plan for a backup strategy. And also please let us know
how we should proceed for backup strategy also.
3) We are planning to have a datafile of 1GB size, for easy maintenance at
Operating System level. Please comment on this.
4) As my server has only one disk controller, can I place all my indexes and data tablespaces together in one disk. I am asking this because documents says RBS tablespace should be away from data tablespace, redo log files should be
away from data tablespaces and etc... Will this hold good when there is one disk controller.

Thanks in Advance.