CPU usage of each active sessions?
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Thread: CPU usage of each active sessions?

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    Hi all.
    OS : WIN2000 SERVER
    DB : ORACLE 8.1.7
    Task manager in NT/2000 display cpu usage for processes and can not display cpu usage for threades of one process.
    Can anybody tell me which tools (In NT/2000 or oracle) can display cpu usage for active sessions(user&background processes) that are threads of ORACLE process.

    -- sorry for my english.
    best regards.

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    Maybe you can obtain so that you want with Oracle Performance Manager.

    Hope that helps


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    Maybe this is what you're looking for:
    select disk_reads,substr(sql_text,1,1000),username
    from v$sqlarea a,v$session b
    where a.address = b.sql_address
    order by disk_reads desc

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    Thanks friends.
    More Info :
    My server (compaq proliant 7000) has 4 CPU and 3 CPU assigned to ORACLE process.
    Sometime one(or more) bad query causes 3 CPU reach
    %100 cpu time , and I want find bad query. in this situation oracle tools(like OEM or even SQL*PLUS) runs very slow , and I want OS tools(command) for finding session(s)(threads) that consume all CPU.
    I now using Top Session in OEM for finding session(s) that use more CPU in this situation.
    But what is different between this 2 item in user statistic filter :
    a) CPU used by this session
    b) recursive CPU usage

    -- sorry for my english

    Best Regards.

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