A San Francisco based IT Consulting Company is offering an 1 1/2 year Oracle Internship Program in Madison, Wisconsin for around USD 2K a month in my country. the job / training includes implementing Oracle's web based ERP system 11i for Financials, Projects, and Human Resources. It basically consist of customizations, interfaces and extensions of these applications.

Is this a good opportunity for me? Im currently earning around USD 400/month here. Im also applying for a job in one of the Big Six consulting firm s local solutions office in my country. the inteviewer said that there is a chance i can be assign in the US, but they cant guarantee it. We havent discussed about the compensation yet, since i still have to go thru 3-4 more interviews, if ever they want to hire me.

What do you guys think? thanks

P.S. guys its Internship not intership, sorry for the typo error=)

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