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    I have a table partitioned by month starting at Jan 2001 to present. I truncated the first five partitions. There are no records in partitions Jan. 2001 through May 2001. I have a local index on the date which is the partition range key. The initial and next on the index is 52K. When I look at how much space each local index is taking on their tablespace it does not make sense. If the partition has zero records the partitioned index for that month should only take 52K but it is still at where it was before it was partitioned. What is going on?

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    I have a guess!!!

    Have you ever used Microsoft Access. You can fill up the database with records etc and the mdb file will grow. You can then delete all the records but the file will remain the same size until you compact the database.

    I have a feeling the index size will not change until the space is was using is reallocated or the index is recreated.

    Any other thoughts???

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    Kash is right. Index space is not freed up until the index is rebuilt/reorged.

    What you are seeing are the dead leaves of the b-tree.
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