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    I'm working as a Database Analyst/Data Modeller in Toronto. Have a background in Oracle Development/Forms Development. Additionally I'm trying to upgrade my skills in Oracle Dba 8i. Have passed SQL-PL/SQL & Architecture & Administration exams recently.

    I've recently installed Oracle 9i EE on Win 2K. My question is If I'm preparing for Back Up exam on 9i. Would it be OK or are there any 8i features which have been discontinued in 9i.

    Is it possible to perform a BU via RMAN on a standalone system. As RCAT should be in a seperate database & disk but if I create a second database on a standalone m/c. And then create my RCAT in that will it work. What are the pros and cons of this scenario??????????????

    Any other tips or advice on preparing BUR exam. I'm using Sybex study guides, STS & Oracle documentation.

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    Would it be OK or are there any 8i features which have been discontinued in 9i.
    The way you configure RMAN in 9i is slightly different. Now all your setting can be made with a simple CONFIGURE command. Then you can just issue BACKUP DATABASE;

    As far as I remember before 8.1.7 the default location of the sanpshot control file was not ORACLE_HOME-dependent. In 9i it is. LIST has new syntax. CROSSCHECK and DELETE have been consolidated, while UNTACALOG is otally removed. The UNTIL and REDUNDANCY options in REPORT OBSOLETE are supported in 9i only for backwards compatability.

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    I can tell you after I attend the ILT in 2 weeks time

    I am too lazy to read the pdfs I have heh

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    Take a look at these links for 9i new features related to recovery:

    If possible I would forget about 9i and do your 8i OCP prep work with 8i. Once you've passed all the exams do the 9i upgrade. If you're anything like me you'll get caught up in the "Wow isn't that cool!" of 9i and forget you're studying for 8i.

    If you only have access to 9i I think you'll be OK but you must be disciplined and ignore anything that's not relevant until you've passed the 8i exams.

    To answer your questions:

    Q - Is it possible to perform a BU via RMAN on a standalone system.

    A - I assume you mean without a recovery catalog! Yes, even more so than 8i since more info can be stored in the controlfile.

    Q - RCAT on same machine?

    A - Fine as long as it is a separate instance. On the same instance, if you were attempting a cold backup you would shutdown the instance and lose the RCAT during the process. A separate instance avoids this.

    Q - Pros & Cons?

    A- You need more memory, disk and CPU or your machine will run like a dog with multiple instances. I built another 2 servers to help prepare for my 9i exam. They were pretty small (1Gig P3 Processors and 512M Ram) and I managed to max them out on several occasions. You'll need to make sure your memory allocations are as small as you can get away with.

    Good luck!
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