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Thread: Install 9i on Win2000

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    I am trying to install Oracle 9i on Win 2000. During the setup of Oracle Universal Installer, the installation hangs. I used to install Oracle 8 and 8i on Win2000 using OUI without any problem. Has anyone of you seen this problem for 9i on win 2000? Thank you!!!

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    Are you installing it on a Pentium IV system?

    If yes: then there is a bug with the SUN JRE's and Symantec JIT on which the OUI runs.

    See Metalink Note 131299.1 for problem resolution.


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    I also had to install from the Administrator account. My account did not work, even though I have administrator privileges.
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    Mine works...

    I believe the problem with P4 processor has been fixed for 9i so that should not the problem causing the failure.

    And I don't have problem of having to use Admin account for the install. After I add myself to the admin group, I logged back in as myself and did the whole install w/o problem.

    My install of Oracle9i on Win2K did fail twice, and both in same location -- when DB config assistant trying to create a sample database for me. So I feel it maybe a bug of DB config assistant instead of OUI.

    dba_admin -- where was your OUI hang? I would suggest you to follow the deinstall process to remove everything first, and then do a new install. That has been worked for me.



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    The OUI hangs when the "loading bar" is about 85% complete. So, you know, in my case, the installation did not even start.

    I will try to use other Win2000 to do the install. Will come back later!

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