Is it possible to remove the Rollback capability from a database?

We have a "static data" DB. We create it using a set of scripts. We only care about getting to the final state of the DB. We have a group of read-only data that is never changed, so if a process fails we can just rerun it and get the correct result. We have no logging for the tablespace, but is there a no-rollback option? (I suspect that RBS are integral for consistency and they cannot be dropped, am I wrong?)

Here is the situation.
We have a medium size database where a single update statement is using nearly 1.2GB of space. Before we start the process on a large DB, we would like to save space and improve efficiency by disabling rollback segments. Is it possible to commit data by .5GB segments? Or sometype of a watchdog timer?

Any tips would be helpful! TIA!